Your Natural Choice For Polymers

The RCMA Group is the natural choice for your polymer needs. The founders of the group started serving the needs of the rubber industry in the early 1900's. From producer to manufacturer, the RCMA Group is your reliable global supply chain partner providing service honed with almost a century of natural rubber trading experience.

Procurement, processing and logistics specialists remain on site, 24 x 7, ensuring uninterrupted supply chain management in the face of environmental, political, or economic adversities. Beyond product delivery, the RCMA Group remains your committed partner in profitability, with risk management packages that offer fair value and protection against:

  • Producer Risk (performance, delivery and quality)
  • Political & Economic Uncertainty
  • Currency,Price & Interest Rate Fluctuations
  • Shipping & Delivery Uncertainties

We place our core values front and center each day; passion, integrity, sustainability, humility & innovation.